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  • The Stakeholder Engagement Project, a fundamental component of the Road Safety Policy Program. Within the context of policy development, understanding the needs and expectations of those who are impacted by decisions is paramount. Our project is dedicated to creating a dynamic platform that fosters meaningful dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in the pursuit of road safety policies.

    The Stakeholder Engagement Project operates as a bridge between policy makers and the diverse array of voices that contribute to the policy environment. By identifying, consulting, and actively involving stakeholders, we aim to ensure that the policies crafted are not only well-informed but also reflective of the nuances and intricacies of real-world road safety challenges.

    Through rigorous consultation processes, open forums, and collaborative endeavors, our project facilitates an exchange of insights, perspectives, and informed opinions. This not only enriches the policy formulation process but also enhances its legitimacy, effectiveness, and impact. By promoting transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness, we aspire to shape road safety policies that resonate with the people they serve and secure a safer future for all road users.