Road Safety Action International (RSAI) and GIZ Liberia Signed Technical Support Partnership

Road Safety Action International (RSAI) is thrilled to announce a Technical Support Partnership with GIZ Liberia. RSAI is for-impact organization committed to promoting road safety in Liberia through its programs and projects. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance road safety.

  • GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) is a development agency that works towards sustainable development worldwide. GIZ Liberia has expertise in various sectors, including road safety, and has been actively involved in.

    The Technical Support Partnership between RSAI and GIZ Liberia aims to strengthen RSAI’s organizational capacity. This collaboration seeks to build a sustainable and effective road safety framework that will enhance RSAI ability in deal with the many road safety challenges in the country and the region.

    Building RSAI Capacity in Organization Development: Through this partnership, GIZ Liberia will provide technical support to RSAI to strengthen its organizational development. This will include assisting RSAI in establishing robust system, processes, and governance structures. GIZ Liberia will also provide guidance in areas such as strategic planning, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation.

    Strengthening RSAI Program Structure: GIZ Liberia will work closely with RSAI to improve the structure of its road safety programs. This will involve reviewing existing programs, identifying gaps, and developing strategies to address them. GIZ Liberia will contribute its expertise in program design, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that RSAI's initiatives are effective and impactful.


Staff Capacity Development: To enhance RSAI's overall effectiveness, GIZ Liberia will support staff capacity development initiatives. This will include providing training opportunities, workshops, and mentorship.