Navigating Road Safety in Liberia with International Development Partners

Road Safety Action International holds acquaintance meeting with newly appointed Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Progrmme in Liberia.

  • Road accidents in Liberia has reached an alarming point with stats from GRSF and WHO indicating nearly 70 in every 100,000 fatalities being caused by road accidents. As the need to find result-oriented solution is ever greater, the UNDP Liberia Resident Representative honored an acquaintance meeting with Road Safety Action International(RSAI), as the leading for-impact organization focused on road safety in Liberia.

    The discussion highlighted the road safety challenges particularly in Liberia, which are leading to the escalation of road accidents and their detrimental impacts on the country's development progress.

    The Resident Representative of UNDP Liberia, Mr. Louis Kuukpen, underscores the major road safety issues confronting road users in Liberia and the need for increase education and training in the road transport sector. He pinpointed paramount involvement of civil society organizations such as RSAI, with strong collaboration from the national government and its development partners in Liberia.

Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges, Tina C. Smythe, Benedict Dargbeh, Cosmas Cole

RSAI also shared her ongoing road safety programs, which are geared towards increasing awareness, addressing post crash care and prevention as well as the road safety advocacy projects ongoing for specific changes in traffic regulations and policies at the national level.

The meeting concluded with both RSAI and UNDP reassuring their shared collaboration and commitment in working tirelessly towards addressing road safety issues in Liberia.